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Doctors Richard & Eugene Ross Registered Compounding Pharmacists

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Frequently Ask Questions

Question: Does this work on leg spasms, the jimmy leg and night time leg cramps?
Answer: Yes, it works on all these in the same speedy manner. Almost always, leg spasms, charlie horses and night time leg, foot and hand cramps are the same thing.

Question: Who developed the formula?
Answer: Compounding Pharmacists Gene & Richard Ross

Question: What is the shelf of Dr. Ross’s Liniment?
Answer: About two years with each bottle having it’s own expiration date.

Question: How long will a twelve ounce bottle normally last a person?
Answer: At least three months, depending on use.

Question: Should the formula be refrigerated?
Answer: No, do not refrigerate.

Question: Is quinine still used for leg cramps?
Answer: As an effective remedy in the past, quinine has shown to have undesirable side effects with long-term use.

Question: Can the formula be used prior to cramping as a preventative?
Answer: Yes

Question: How long is the formula effective after application?
Answer: The particular cramp should ease

Question: How long does the formula take to be effective for relief?
Answer: About three minutes.

Question: Does the formula have a smell?
Answer: Yes, there is a strong medicible odor. The odor disapates after about five minutes, leaving the cramp relieved.

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